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free worksheets for k1 to k5

Meet the Author

Hi, my name is Fely. I created this FREE tutorial site to provide FREE worksheets for the young children. The eBooks for starter readers are available at a very minimal price in our Kid's Store. This site is the sum total of my more than thirty years in the tutorial service business.

The Teacher's Page

Here's a very handy page for educators and mentors who are interested to explore the world of tutorial business. My more than thirty years in the tutorial business has honed me to be a better mentor and to learn how to create teaching materials. In my blog, I am going to give you some tips and guides.

Other Services

We offer tutorial services locally near our area.
We are located in Las Piñas City.
We have been in the tutorial business for more than thirty years. Your children are safe with us, as we follow-up with their after-school works. We also cater to the very young kids who start learning at a very young age of two.

free worksheets for k1 to k5

First series of Beginner Reader eBooks
Book 1

Experience flipping the eBooks just like how you flip the pages of real books.

Beginner Reader Book 2
5 sets

Time to let the kids read Book 2 of the Beginner Reader Series

Book 2 Lesson 1

Book 2 Lesson 2

Book 2 Lesson 3

Book 2 Lesson 4

Book 2 Lesson 5

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